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I have received testimonials from my clients and students from time to time and I would like to share some of them with you. I feel it is important to keep their confidentiality, but at times they post them on my Sheena's Healing Hands Facebook page or my Sheena Reiki Candles Facebook page so you can see they are genuine feedback on my products and treatments. I am very grateful for everyone taking the time to give his or her feedback. Thank You.  Sheena.
Environmental Changes
We called on Sheena’s expertise recently when we had some unwanted energy in our home. Sheena cleared the energy effectively, provided advice and insight in regards to protecting ourselves to assist in avoiding the situation occurring again. I would highly recommend Sheena for assistance in this field and I would certainly call Sheena, without hesitation should we need this type of support ever again.” Thanks Darren


Google Review

I wholeheartedly recommend Sheena's Healing Hands. As soon as I walked in towards the door, I could feel the beautiful energy of her space. She is a warm and reassuring presence, particularly if you are feeling a little tender or vulnerable. I was in a very rough patch and was amazed how much clearer and brighter I felt after my sessions with Sheena. Big Thanks for the wonderful Healing gift you share,

Sincerely Gypsy.
Dear Sheena,  
Thank you so much for passing on your knowledge to me in my 1st Degree Reiki course!  I truly could not imagine myself learning from anyone else.  You were so lovely to a nervous me on the phone when I enquired about the course, then you patiently waited for a weekend that both my friend and I could do.  When we arrived the sense of calmness and relaxation was astonishing and I felt like I’d known you before.  
Since the course ended I have come to the conclusion, after listening to other practitioners, that you are a very thorough and professional teacher.  I feel honoured and grateful to learn under you.  Can’t wait for my 2ndDegree Reiki!
Blessed be
Reiki Client
I certainly do miss my treatments with you; Those in the flesh are the best! While I appreciate any treatments offered I do remember those fondly. A very kind, caring, compassionate & discerning practitioner. 
Arohanui 💕💕💕 Angela


"Dad really was surprised with his reiki! I couldn't believe he booked another appt all on his own. I was so stoked he enjoyed it. He said he felt really relaxed and he felt light in the feet. Thank you, thank you thank you Sheena! I'm so thrilled to get him this sort of help because he's body needs it but just him in general needs that balance and natural healing because he is getting quite down and concerned about his health. He's never been sick before his heart surgery last year and I just hope things start to turn around for him Sheena you are one AMAZING woman! I could not imagine doing my 1st degree Reiki with anyone else! Thank you  And thank you to my beautiful friend, it was extra special with her.  " Quoted by Jasmine
Reiki Student 1st Degree
Highly recommend!! Just did the Level I last weekend and it was such a great course. Very well planned out, lots of opportunities to ask questions and grow and am already starting to feel the positive results😊 Gina
Reiki Student 1st Degree -  Greetings Sheena, 
I did promise that I would write a review that you may use to promote your work and all the good you can do. 
First off, I do need to let you know that the changes I have had with reiki have been phenomenal.
I committed my heart and soul to the 21 days of reiki healing on self completely. Whilst I didn't do it all consecutively, and there was a mild gap in between the days, I was able to get this out the way in less than 5 weeks. 
If you remember back to my initiation, I had broken down into tears as I had so much emotional pain swirling inside me from years of abuse and wanting to prove myself to the world in search for self worth. This toxic poisonous feeling I had been wanting to dissolve for the longest time. 
Whilst I am aware that life is a learning journey and we are consistently making changes to better our experience, I will say this-Reiki brings you peace. 
Though there were many things that I know I had learned on my journey and the experieinces I have had, have all been a little 'out of this world' the love that is capable in every human heart, is awoken with Reiki. 
If you are without sound, Reiki gives you the voice. 
If you are on shaky foundations, Reiki is that which makes you solid.
If you have a heart made of sadness and rage, Reiki will show you gentleness. 
If you are in the darkness, Reiki will give you light. 
If you need to put the final piece of your puzzle together, Reiki will provide that comfort and grounding. 
I am so grateful to have come across your path Sheena, you have given me hope that I can heal an emotional void and move forward. You provide a warmth and are so accommodating of many different learning styles and life paths. 
I have since documented (and still continue to do so!) every painful memory that I know my heart has absorbed-and in doing so, let it go with no attachment. I regularly ask Archangel Michael to step in with certain things-and guess what? There is no request he cannot fulfill. I asked him to assist in healing the disconnect with a brother of mine who has not spoken to my properly in over 5 years ans this relationship is slowly mending itself. (This was a painful experience that I was looking to heal)
Thank you again Sheena for your ability to share the gift that is universal love. I am honoured to have crossed paths with you. 
Reiki Student 1st Degree
Hi sheena,
Thought I'd give you an update on how my Reiki practice is helping me and everyone close to me in this crazy time in our lives!

So, as you know that day that you sent me reiki my husband almost died. He cut his arm with a circular saw, completely severed 3 muscles, Every single tendon on the medial side of the forearm and completely destroyed 15cm of the major artery in the forearm (which they later replaced with a vein from a different section of his arm!)
To make matters worse he's a hemophiliac. 

Considering the severity of the injury all the events that followed really lead to the best case scenario. The hospital staff were amazing both at the Redlands and the RBH. He had a blood transfusion and 6 hour surgery. He is recovering well and even though he has a long road ahead of him is in good spirits. Reiki has been a godsend to both of us during the during the whole ordeal while he was in hospital and when he first came home.His wound is healing exceptionally well and psychologically he's doing really well too. he can feel the amazing energy whenever I give him reiki and he feels it's really helping him with his recovery. For me too it has been such a wonderful tool to have to help keep me calm and centred and able to be there to support everyone through this. I feel that the energy is stronger with each treatment I do, both on myself and others. I have also used it on Cams brother who I was telling you about is going through cancer treatment. He also has has found it very beneficial.
I have also used it on the kids to help clear the trauma of the fear of loosing their dad, which was huge!  Also the dog who we almost lost on Saturday due to a severe reaction to nextgard! And even our chicken!!!!!! (Will have to tell you about that one when I see you next!)

Needless to say life hasn NOT been short in the drama department lately! But we have pulled through and are stronger because of it! 

Thanks again for sharing this amazing gift of reiki with me. I have told so many people about you and recommend your training. I think everyone should have the skills and knowledge to give reiki to themselves and their family. I know it has certainly helped ours!

Please book me in for the next reiki share! Can't wait!
"I came to Sheena with sore knees and a niggling pain in my abdomen. After three treatments I can state that the pain has gone. My knees, which were my most pressing concern, no longer hinder me.  I don’t struggle to go down a set of stairs, two feet per step, and I am not exhausted and in pain when I do. I have even gone back to walking my 2 dogs without fear of being in pain. This in turn, addresses my desire for weight loss and improved wellbeing, especially my blood pressure which has been quite high since I had abdominal surgery 2 years ago. And, as for the abdominal pain, what abdominal pain? It’s gone.
After the first treatment there was an immediate improvement in my mobility. The second treatment further addressed my issues and I felt major shifts in my energy. I must confess to struggling after the 2nd treatment and, foolishly, I did not call Sheena as soon as I felt uncomfortable. She had encouraged me to call her but I didn’t.  Take my advice, if Sheena says to call, please do so. Had I done so, I would have had a faster, easier and a less stressful transition towards better health both physically and energetically. The third treatment, and by far my most favourite, involved ‘de-fragging’ my brain. I recognised immediately the difference the treatment made. It is remarkable how quickly the body forgets that it was in physical pain. Mentally, however, patterns and habits build over a period of time. After just one ‘de-fragging’ session those patterns melted away. It was truly astonishing.
Sheena is the reiki practitioner I recommend. She is a kind, responsible, capable and caring person who has a genuine gift. I cannot begin to recommend her highly enough. I am very grateful for her assistance in my life which she delivered in a no fuss, straight forward manner. Call Sheena today. Start living in better health".
Anne B
"Sheena was referred to me by a friend who sang her praises, I had tried other Reiki practitioners and felt that there was something missing, I could never quite understand what it was, but knew my connection between them and myself felt a little distant.The moment I entered the front door at Sheena’s there was a sense of joy and happiness, and during my Reiki sessions I experienced many wonderful things. The discussion throughout the treatment, reinforcing new feelings and sensations, that had me in a spin and made me realize I was on a winner.

Sheena has helped me with health issues that have improved out of sight and the de-fragging of my brain, and Chakra balancing which she performed was an amazing experience – it stopped me floundering with my life dreams, and gave me the courage to get up and get going. I also understand ME a lot more, we know it all but it gets buried under the every day stress, I am so grateful to Sheena for helping me open my mind. Her after treatment service is the best also, she is there for you with any questions you may have and is very interested in your welfare, if she say’s she will do something she will. I am defiantly on a winner and intend to enjoy a lot more of these wonderful Healing Hands". 



Distance Healing  to UK, Testimonial 
"Well I am really amazed!!!! Half way around the world and distance healing is felt straight away and no jet lag! I wanted to share this really amazing story, My husband, whom had a stroke two years ago, leaving him with weakness down one side of his body, speech problems, anger, frustration with the world. I have been starting to struggle with him because of his moods and speech problems, poor sleep patterns he is up most of the night, which is making me become exhausted. He had surgery 9/11/2011 and was in the intensive care unit. He was discharged back home very quickly because the UK NHS could not provide a hospital bed for him. His wound from the surgery to unblock his veins to prevent further strokes was not healing. Sheena offered to send him some distance Reiki healing on the 13/9/2011 and which I forgot to take his watch off!!! (silly me!) 

Anyway last night (14/9/2011) Sheena sent Reiki for the second time, this time Sheena phoned me to advise she was sending the Reiki. I told Sheena that my husband was slightly better but I couldn’t really say much, because I was going into his bedroom to check he was lying on his bed. Sheena advised me to make sure he was laying down as Sheena was concerned he may fall, because he was unsteady on his feet anyway. I just confirmed to Sheena he wasn’t wearing his watch. Once the watch was removed, the Reiki started to work and he fell fast asleep. He had been very angry before the Reiki had been sent that morning and I was amazed how quickly he fell asleep. He slept for a couple of hours then when he got up, we were able to go shopping together for the first time since his stroke and he was very relaxed and did not show the anger he had since his stroke. 

This really amazed me and I want to thank Sheena so much for the help with calming and relaxing my husband. Sheena also offered to send me so Reiki due to the fact I was struggling and very emotional and I could feel her working on me as soon as I laid down on the bed and I felt I was able to cope again.
I could not believe that Reiki could be sent half way around the world. I am amazed the positive power of Reiki healing and I just wanted to say a Big Thank You to Sheena for the difference Reiki has made to me and my husband". From Chris B


Sheena’s Reiki training changed my life! I had already done my training for Reiki Levels 1 and 2 with another Reiki Master but after doing training with Sheena it became apparent that my initial training was completely inadequate. After completing Level 1 with Sheena, various aspects of my life started to change for the better.  Sheena is excellent at explaining concepts as well as the practicalities such as hand placement. Sheena’s relaxed teaching style truly put me at ease. - Kirsty M.


Reiki Client
"Hi sheena I wasn't sure if I should message you or not as I may sound like a crazy lady! I don't think Iv ever felt so content and relaxed even after major jet lag! If that makes sense!
When I say content I mean content with myself! Although I'm still crazy into my fitness and enjoy it as it's my only hobby, I have started to enjoy food more an stop seeing it as the enemy and feeling guilty for enjoying the sweeter things in life! I couldn't work out how I'd gone from being frantic on a day to day basis about what I look like an what I'm eating to just indulging in normal foods rather than calculating the calories etc etc. Anyway what I'm trying to get at is I honestly believe the only explanation for this is your healing hands! It's amazing that I can look at myself in the mirror and smile even when I'm having what I call a fat day! Iv never felt that since before I was bullied on my first day in high school! I just wanted to thank you. Many doctors an counsellors family members etc have tried for years to 'fix me' and know one has come close other than you of course!"
Thank You Le Anne xxx
Reiki Student
"Thank you to the lovely Sheena I'm now officially a Reiki Practitioner I'm excited to begin my journey and see my self grow as I learn and experience the way of Reiki � The Reiki level 1 course is such a wonderful and very informative two days no questions left unanswered and it doesn't stop there with ongoing support and warmth from such a generous lady Sheena has such a genuine passion and this shines threw as she shares her wonderful stories and experience with you".
Reiki Client and Student
"I'm happy to give my full recommendation to Sheena. She is truly amazing and I am blessed to have ever crossed paths with her. If you're interested in reiki then Sheena is the person for you. She is extremely kind, loving, warm and friendly. I'm always made to feel so comfortable and welcome at her home. After several treatments my life was transformed, since then I've completed my Lvl1 reiki practitioners course. The course was fantastic and so informative. Sheena was incredible and is so knowledgable in all aspects of reiki. You will not be disappointed.
Thankyou again ! Peace&love"
Reiki Student
Sheenas Reiki Practitioner course has coloured me enlightened!! I not only feel shifts within my conscience but have all the necessary tools to promote healing in my own life. The course was eye-opening x 3 (ha-ha) and the energies within the space Sheena has set up feel inviting, warm and calming. She provided the yummiest soul food and a variety of delicious teas, whilst you're surrounded by inviting sensations, energies, scents and Miss Rosie! Sheena instilled an abundance of motivation within me to continue using Reiki in my daily life. As each day goes by post Reiki attunement and treatment from both Sheena and Luke, I feel a great sense of calm in a busy 21st century. I am so excited to finish my 21 day cleanse, I already can’t identify with the girl I was only a month ago.
Sheena oozes ingenuity; I was hanging off every beautiful story, and it revived my faith in myself and the abilities each of us have to heal, we just need to open ourselves up to it.
One of the best experiences of my life, that keeps on giving. What a riiiiiiide!
You're a marvel Sheena!


Highly recommend Sheena if you are interested in doing your reiki courses ,so much knowledge , friendly,caring, professional you will not be disappointed Sheena is the right choice to start your journey with. Thanks so much I have now completed level 1 &2 Reiki practitioner courses with her and loved every minute thanks Roz
Reiki Student
Thank you so much for your amazing time and experience am so blessed to have met you and to be guided by you on my reiki journey. Highly recommend if anyone is interested in doing a reiki course Sheena is definitely the best choice you could make . Thanks again for your support Roz xxx
Reiki Client
Sheena you have an amazing gift. I always feel great after seeing you. Talking about that I need to see you soon! Xx
Reiki Student
 Thank you for your wonderful training and support. Love it...looking forward to next lot of training. Luv Jules xo
Reiki Client
I would love to share my full recommendation to this amazing lady. After my three sessions with sheena I feel like a different person. She offers such a beautiful environment for healing's and genuinely wants the best for her clients.Not only is she wonderful at what she does she is so open to answering any questions I had and offers many beautiful products to own for yourself (which I have to mention, never does she put the hard sell on anything it's purely about what you want which I love).Reiki has been such a great way to connect in a spiritual and energetic sense and has been so beneficial in bringing me back to balance in my life and body. For that and everything I am so grateful for Sheena and excited to continue to see the wonderful effects of her healing's. I look forward to another appointment in the very near future!
Thank you sheena and see you soon!   Jasmine
Sheena is such a beautiful person and healer .Highly recommend her too. Love love her reiki candles too always have one burning xx  


Sheena you are one AMAZING woman! I could not imagine doing my 1st degree Reiki with anyone else!
Thank you  
And thank you to my beautiful friend, it was extra special with her.  
Quoted by Jodi
What Sheena does is just amazing. Her treatments have really helped me in a lot of ways, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. She is caring, warm and professional.

I highly recommend Sheena to anyone who needs any healing work.
Sheena, has been such a beautiful soul to me, and has helped me already so much in just the 4 sessions I have had with her. She is truly blessed with a great power to help and heal and has a very gentle and friendly manner. I have experienced some very special moments while Sheena has been working her "magic", and it has been a breath of fresh air and a comfort all in one. I can only but recomened her highly to someone who is looking for something more organic and soulful to help them through whatever it is they are concerned with. You will not be disappointed, only left recharged and ready to take on your path to recovery. Thanks so much Sheena!
Candice xx
 Sheena is one kind, caring, devine, amazing woman, I have been blessed to find her on my healing journey. Sheena does more than Reiki as you will find out. She has helped me on so many levels I would fill an A4 sheet of paper if I wrote all. Do yourself a favour and try Sheena if you are seeking natural healing, she goes beyond the norm. I so look forward to my visits. Thank You Sheena you are gem.
 Reiki Student 1st Degree course
I would highly recommend Sheena to anyone either seeking Reiki or wanting to train in Reiki.  I have found her a warm, empathic practitioner who has welcomed me into her home with open arms. She has accompanied me on my Reiki journey whilst managing to keep her feet (and mine) firmly on the floor.   I feel very excited to continue this journey with Sheena.  This experience has been nothing short of life-changing.
Reiki Client
I cannot thank you enough for fitting me in tonight. I feel so much more grounded and centred and with little to no pain. See you next week. 
Reiki 1st Degree Student
I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you sharing your knowledge, your time and your company.
I found our weekend, with you, training and gaining our Reiki 1, enjoyable, relaxing and quite calming. I came away with a quiet sense of empowerment. Hopeful, looking forward."


 Reiki Student 1st Degree course
What can I say "just amazing". My best friend Deb and I have completed our 1st degree with Sheena this weekend. Sheena gave us so much knowledge. Such a great uplifting experience. Can't wait for
2nd degree. Oh and a special thank you to Rosie for her support and love throughout the weekend. Love and light to you both. xxx


Reiki  Distance Healing Request
Exam time is really stressful and Reiki can help in all sorts of circumstances (written in Review section of my Facebook page.

"Sheena - a wonderful Godmother! Today she sent me Reiki (all the way to the UK) to help me get through a three hour written University exam. Never have I felt calmer in an exam setting - and I have suffered badly from anxiety. With the warmest of hearts, Sheena's distance healing has helped me to give a stressful situation everything that I had - to show my potential. Thank you Sheena xxxx"



Reiki Distance Healing Request
This was for an  88 year old lady who has lymphoedema post breast cancer. She had been taking painkillers which were not helping and she was in a lot of pain.
 On the 26th May I had this response response to the results of the distance healing
" My great grandmother would like to pass on her gratitude for her reiki and she said she had a pain free night and was relasted which is rare for her at this stage, Thanks again." 
Later in the evening I received some more information and that the
"Great Grandma hadn't been able to put on her dressing gown because of her lack of hand control but that morning she was sitting with her dressing gown on and looking very proud!  You're incredible".
Aromatheraphy Handmade Product - Mist 
"Using the Study Mist from Sheena Reiki Candles. This has helped me focus so much while studying! I also useher sleeping mist, because of my anxiety I need sleeping tablets to help me sleep. This stuff is magic, I haven't taken my sleeping tablets since Wednesday night when I brought this from Sheena. Thank you so much Sheena, you are amazing. Bless you xoxox"
Reiki Student for 1st Degree Course
" I highly recommend this course, Sheena is such apatient encouraging and generous teacher. I now feel so confident and excited to practice Reiki because of the guidance, Sheena has given to me"
Reiki Student for 1st Degree Course
"I am officially a Reiki Practitioner! I feel humbled to have been guided into this journey, I am very excited for where it will take me.. Amazing things to come!.
A big thanks to the very beautiful Sheena who has initiated me into the world of Reiki. So much more to learn, so much healing to do, all for our highest good . Happiness. — feeling amazing with Sheena ReikiCandles at Sheena's Healing Hands. 
 Reiki Client Treatment

"Today I had the most profound yet simplistic insight during one of my sessions with Sheena. This was without a doubt the most revealing healing I have had in a very long time leaving me with a complete sense of peace and clarity. Sheena's commitment and drive to disseminate reiki into our world never ceases to amaze me and the power of her sessions takes my breath away. Her professionalism complements her amazing healing hands. Without a doubt she is making a huge difference in our world.
Thanks Sheena!
Reiki Student 1st Degree
"I can thoroughly recommend Sheena as both a Reiki Teacher and therapist as she has helped me in so many ways. My life has changed so much since studying with Sheena and I am eternally grateful for her support and friendship. I knew very little about Reiki when I started, but it never ceases to amaze me how effective a treatment it is. Thank you Sheena for everything!"
Reiki 1st Degree Student
"Hi Sheena

I did my First Degree Reiki with you, While I was on Holiday, a lady I met was very down in spirit
and unable to sleep, due to her loosing her Husband last Year. I Practised my Reiki on her, twice while I was there,
I have just received a Card this morning thanking me for my help and saying she was feeling much better. I look forward to my next stage in Reiki. "

 Reiki Client
"Well once again am truly amazed. Where has this reiki been all my life. Thank you Sheena.
 Reiki 1st Degree Student
"I would like to express my gratitude to Sheena for teaching me the first degree of Reiki, and attuning me, and starting me on this magical journey. During the two day course, Sheena taught well above what was necessary, sharing her own personal experiences and vast knowledge, all in a comfortable and safe environment. You can see Sheena's passion for what she does, and this just beams out of her! Throughout the course, I did experience some chest tightness, which Sheena instantly took away by placing her hands on my chest. I finished the course feeling much lighter and at peace. I highly recommend Sheena as a teacher to learn Reiki, but also as a practitioner. Thank you Sheena! "
Reiki Distance Healing from Australia to UK
I would like to Thank You for the Reiki you sent me in the UK. I was feeling low, with some sad news I had heard and also I was in pain with my right hand, which I did not tell you about. I felt the Reiki you sent me very strong, to the point my hand hurt, even more. But I got up this morning feeling better. I was amazed that my hand was almost pain free and it has improved as the day as gone by. I am  Pain Free.
Reiki Treatment
Thank you for a beautiful Reiki Treatment today. Afterwards, I felt energised and focussed for an afternoon of writing!
Student 1st Degree
Thank you so much for your loving teaching Sheena. I feel blessed that I was sent to you for my journey into Reiki. And that candle is so amazing that i want to carry it with me everywhere I'll be back ;-)
Aromatherapy Massage Experience
Thank you sheena for a beautiful massage I received by you today, using your nourishing Aromatherapy Massage Candle. My skin feels soft and silky and my body feels relaxed.

Sheena, THANK YOU! After a very stressful, high risk pregnancy my little girl Ella received IV antibiotics for the first 3 days of her life. She is now almost 5 months old, the trauma suffered emotionally and physically pre and post birth left us with a very unsettled buby with awful reflux too. Sleepless nights, upside down days, no dinner and a fear of leaving the house became our life.... As you can imagine, it was not a good life. I was even admitted to a mother and baby nature center for five nights!
I have worked with Sheena and got chatting about what was happening and she suggested Reiki. Well, oh my.... After the first of three sessions I had a massive smile on my face, not only did Ella eat and sleep that evening she played! She played with her mummy, daddy and big brother and gave out plenty of cuddles (which had become rare for her), she then sat in her high chair and let us eat dinner as a family! We are seeing the light at the end of our tunnel, our family are learning how to enjoy each other and live as one again! I can only thank you for this Sheena. I can and will recommend Sheena and her Reiki treatments, especially to us mums with difficult babies.
Being a second time mum I had really begun to feel I wasn't any good at my job as a mummy, this was not the case and I can finally see that. Sheena your hands are gold, thank you xxx


You are amazing & I can’t thank you enough for helping him it really has made a huge difference to him. 

My teenage son had been suffering with anxiety and vomiting almost every day over a 5 month period. Starting grade 12 this year seemed to trigger such severe anxiety that even he could not explain or understand, but resulted in morning vomiting, palpitations and extreme lethargy that saw him losing weight, missing days & valuable hours of school which made him even more anxious about the work he was missing, he become isolated from social events & just went from a bubbly boy who loved playing sports & being very chatty to one who just looked unhappy, was not able to concentrate & lost his zest for life. It was not only affecting him but also the rest of the family, but he was not able to stop or control this pattern he was in.

As parents we had taken him to the GP, gone to a Psychologist & tried alternative medicines to help, but one day out of desperation I got in touch with Sheena to see if she could help. She kindly got in touch with me promptly & was able to see my son within a few hours. We decided on an initial 3 Reiki sessions & the night of the first session we could see the difference in him – he literally looked different & seemed more like his old self. With the second session he reported feeling less anxious, less nauseated. By the third session almost a week later the vomiting had stopped. He was able to get up have breakfast & go to school in the mornings, felt less tired, use the relaxation techniques to control the anxiety better & was able to concentrate more giving him great confidence.

We still have a long road ahead to help him manage his anxiety, but I cannot thank Sheena enough for her assistance & positive effect on our son’s wellbeing. She is a trusted & skilled professional who is able to you at ease & is someone I would highly recommend.  



Distance Healing Testimonial PNG 
"My experience of remote healing: My export business is based in Brisbane and my retail shop is located in Bougainville PNG, a little known place in the Pacific Solomon Islands.  While executing a very unpleasant situation involving the firing of a partner, I also came down with a pretty nasty flu.  I was very anxious about the arguing over the settlement, and I wasn’t handling the flu symptoms well at all. 

That afternoon, I came back to the house feeling physically wrecked and emotionally drained of energy.  I lay on the couch and text Sheena to send me some reiki. While I got myself relaxed I could sense the time when Sheena was reaching out.  My palms went cold and the muscles around my shoulders started relaxing.  I could feel the bad energy leaking out of me.  I could sense Sheena’s presence around me lifting the negativity off my being.  After about 30 minutes, I stood up.  My anxiousness had disappeared.  I no longer felt alone or threatened and I had a new sense of inner strength. 

The power of reiki is definitely real and is not limited by distance.  I can’t explain how it works.  I can just say that it makes me feel a whole lot better." 


Yesterday, I was privileged to have a treatment with Sheena , who had picked up that I was feeling unwell, mentally from anxiety and suggested that a Reiki treatment may help me. Desperate  to have my life back in balance and seeing her concern , I decided I had nothing to lose. I had heard of Reiki but had not heard of people’s outcome following these sessions .

When I arrived at Sheena’s, I was in an anxious state and also because of the long drive, I had chronic back pain and was very uncomfortable with this. I did not say anything about my back to Sheena, but she picked this up and at the end of my treatment, I had no pain whatsoever, however this was not why I was there. During my Reiki journey with Sheena, I went through various emotional states. Sheena was intune with this and with soothing voice explained what was happening. I was aware of the wetness from tears  on my cheeks and was willing them away, embarrassed by this outburst, but Sheena kept up her healing power and I stopped with the brakes and succumbed. I came out of this emotion and was taken into a world of happiness .

Three of my favourite men [who I miss madly since there deaths] all appeared together in my thoughts . They were all happy and really enjoying themselves in bright sunlight telling me how all is fine and not to worry. I knew I was smiling and wanted to laugh  and felt a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I felt I was elevated up and was floating in a state of bliss. Sheena had worked wonders , not only with my failing mental state but with my back pain.

I wanted to continue with this journey, just to stay in this beautiful state of calm, so as I can think logically and without regret. I have started on a better journey and my body is beginning to balance  and cope with life’s stresses.  I really was looking at the cowards way out , if I had not come in contact with Sheena I would not be typing this note of praise. I , as from today,  will approach life with a new joy and serenity , thanks to Sheena’s healing hands .

Ever grateful


"I used to suffer from frequent and extremely debilitating migraines.  Frequent as in weekly and debilitating in that I would be bedridden for three days minimum.  They eventually led to me resigning from my job. I tried everything from conventional medicine to other alternative therapies.  Conventional medicine did not have the answer and was only leading me down the prescriptive drug path and all its ugly side effects.  The other alternative therapies were helping but not enough for me to keep my job.

In September 2012, I contacted Sheena.  She was one of three Reiki Practitioners, I sourced off the internet who where within a certain distance of where I live.  She was the third I contacted after speaking to the others who I can only describe as being rather strange.I was immediately drawn to Sheena.  She was professional, warm and welcoming.  I asked if she could help me with my migraines and she said “Yes”!  She described the process and I immediately signed up for three sessions and I really have not looked back.

I have had Reiki sessions both at Sheena’s salon and via distance.  Both are equally effective.  The last time Sheena sent me Reiki was when I was experiencing one of my infrequent migraines.  I felt the Reiki – it was like a pethidine injection given when you are in child labour – the relief was so intense it made me cry.  The pain was neutralised!  My head felt free – calm and easy; the nausea went away.  I felt sleepy.   It’s so difficult to describe.  One think I do know though is that it works!

My migraines have not totally gone but they are infrequent now and now where near as violent or debilitating.  It’s like having a new lease on life.  I always refer to having a Reiki session is like living the Berocca dream! I highly recommend Sheena.  She is a wonderful person.   So caring and empathetic and extraordinary at what she does.

Thank God for Sheena!  Thank God for Reiki! J


" I have many years of suppressed memories and emotions that I have avoided working my way through. A few weeks before meeting Sheena, I made the decision to acknowledge, accept and let go of these feelings in order to move forward in my life.

On the day I made my first appointment, I had seen a friend bursting & bubbling with enthusiasm and light, where as, in the days before they were weighed down with their own uncertainties & frustrations. They told me they had been in for a treatment with Sheena the prior evening and passed on her details. The positive change in that person was blindingly evident. 

My first session with Sheena was a profound experience for me and everything she had to say made so much sense. The days following, I have felt so much lighter and have a sense of calm and direction. While there is still some more work for me to do, I look forward to receiving training from Sheena, when the time is right, so I can also help others.

Gratitude xx
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