Sheena Cartwright
Owner of Sheena's Healing Hands

Registered Nurse

Reiki Master & ​Reiki Accredited Treatment Practitioner 

An Accredited Reiki Training Clinic with Reiki Australia



Hot Stone Massage Therapist

Infant/Baby Massage Instructor

Member of Reiki Australia

Member of Australia Kinesiology Association

Professional Member of IMIS



Sheena is a Registered Nurse and is passionate about healing and caring for people. By working in the health care sector it has made Sheena aware that it can be frustrating for people, when they have tried different options to try and regain a healthy balance in their lives, physically, mentally and spiritually and having a positive result for a sense of wellbeing. 

Sheena has been working with Reiki for a several years spending time learning different ways to give the client the best results and learning to integrate different modalities into her treatments. Finally becoming a Reiki Teacher and Master in 2013, Sheena holds Reiki training courses for those who are interested in starting their healing/intuitive journey with Reiki. Sheena qualified with Kinesiology in February 2012 and studied Aromatherapy to enhance her treatments and now is able to integrate the three modalities to help improve a client’s sense of wellbeing. Sheena offers training in Reiki up to Master Level and classes in Baby Massage for Parents and Carers to learn how to give a holistic massage to their Baby, which can be carried through their life to adults if needed.


Sheena's Healing Hands has developed into a nurturing, caring business, which promotes and empowers clients to feel positive in moving themselves forward with their lives and taking responsibility for helping themselves.


  • Reiki is a positive universal healing energy.

  • Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to identify and de-stress the body combining Eastern techniques for example, acupressure points, meridian's, chakras etc.

  • Aromatherapy is by using 100% pure organic essential oils, which is taking the Reiki healing to another level. 

  • Hot Stone/Crystal Massage

  • Courses Infant/Baby Massage Instructor. I train Parents/Carers to massage their babies and to learn the therapeutic effects of Massage to help their baby develop through their life building bonds with the their carers using Swedish & Indian Massage and Reflexology Points.

  • Learn Reiki for yourself and help rebalance your life. Training is only carried out in small groups to build up your confidence in using the Reiki Energies on yourself and others.

Sheena has discovered that her knowledge and experience of western medicine over the years has enhanced her treatments with clients. Having knowledge in how Eastern and Western treatments can help clients heal and how they can work in harmony together to bringing about excellent results for clients. Sheena's Healing Hands integrates all of modalities in her treatments, which make each treatment unique and are individualised to your needs. This can include Reiki, aromatherapy, and kinesiology, sound healing, colour healing to help you feel more in control of your life and choices.

Sheena has had some amazing results with people who have wanted to experience natural healing energies. See examples of some of the testimonials in this website and you can book your appointment now by -


Phoning Sheena on 0432364084 or by 


Sheena is a Qualified in the following Services


Registered Nurse

Reiki Master/ Accredited Practitioner 

Certificate IV in Aromatherapy

Certificate IV in Kinesiology,

Infant Massage Instructor

Aromatherapy Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Ear Candling


First Aid 

APHRA  (Nursing)

Member of Reiki Australia

Member of Australia Kinesiology Association

Professional Member of IMIS



Author - Read about my personal Journey with Reiki in "Your Well-Being Sorted!"  . Books available from my shop  

Interviewed by Good Health Magazine, Bonnie Bayley May 2017 Edition for Clean Air Cures Page 120 

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