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Sheena Cartwright
Owner of Sheena's Healing Hands & Clinical Hypnosis
Registered Nurse
Diploma in Strategic Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis
Reiki Master & ​Reiki Accredited Treatment Practitioner 
An Accredited Reiki Training Clinic with Reiki Australia
Hot Stone Massage Therapist
Infant/Baby Massage Instructor
Member of Reiki Australia
Member of Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

I have been a nurse practically all of my working life from when I started out on my nurse training in the UK back in 1982 ( I know, it’s a long time!). I would like to share with you my personal journey from being a sceptical nurse (who has a thirst for research and evidence-based practice), to embracing the amazing world of complementary therapies starting with Reiki. I want to raise everyone’s awareness of how this can change so many lives.
I have been a nurse since the age of 18 and had some strange experiences that could not be explained. Most nurses are intuitive and have thoughts and feelings about things that often happen in reality. I have always been fascinated by psychics and mediums and found myself being drawn to have a psychic reading. The lady was also a nurse and she told me I had “Healing Hands” and suggested I was a healer and that she could feel that I could help heal people. I thought she had guessed I was a nurse, although this was never discussed. She just reiterated that I had “healing hands” and that I should look at natural healing therapies to help others and that this is something I should seriously look at. She mentioned Reiki and that it was something I may find interesting to work with. I was given some business cards and three weeks later, having unusually not even researched what Reiki was I was on my first Reiki course. Within a few weeks, I had had some interesting results with Reiki which was very inspiring and confirmed that I was on the right path to help others heal. For me the real confirmation was in the “research-based evidence” from the clients' blood tests, ultrasounds, vital signs such as blood pressure and oxygen saturation and people’s infection levels which changed as a result of Reiki treatments as no other interventions were being used at the time.
I was so excited by what Reiki could do to help people that I started looking for something else to learn. Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, and other qualifications have therefore been added to the services I offer to clients. It’s been an interesting few years as I have been given so many opportunities to learn so much and everything comes back to energy. I then started teaching others Reiki. This is so rewarding and the changes in my pupils’ lives have been astounding. I have to pinch myself and tell them that they have taken the first steps to changing their lives forever and this has been confirmed over and over again. My clients tell me that I look very normal, which is a big sign of relief! Because I am normal and western medicine has accepted natural healing techniques, it was presented in a way that's professional and infused with my passion. I have had opportunities to be interviewed in Good Health Magazine and written about my Skeptical start on this Eastern Medicine healing journey which have been amazing to share my journey so far.
I have taken my mission to spread the word of natural healing and Reiki to as many medical professionals as I can by changing my nursing jobs frequently. I have managed to show so many Doctors and Nurses that it's real, it works and yes. It’s difficult to explain, but I know that an ECG is the easiest way to explain to our western logical brains. I am so proud of the nurses who have trusted me. I am so excited that practically every large hospital in Brisbane has someone who I trained in Reiki working there.
In my nursing career I have seen how someone can help themselves achieve whatever they feel they can or cannot do. I started to think about Hypnosis at the beginning of 2022 and how powerful the mind both conscious and sub-conscious is. I explored traditional hypnosis, but it did not appeal to me. I don’t want to be dictatorial and tell people in hypnosis what they need to do for themselves. So I found a government accredited course in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy. This was a very interesting but at times very challenging course. But this is taking my healing knowledge to a whole new levelWatch this space as we make the most remarkable changes in those who are willing to let go and move forward in their lives. I am excited and passionate about how the future will unfold...... At some point, I will need to let the nursing side of my life slip away. This is because I am moving forward on this adventure with hypnosis and all of the other modalities I have learned. Exciting times ahead! 



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Author - Read about my personal Journey with Reiki in "Your Well-Being Sorted!"  . Books available from my shop  

Interviewed by Good Health Magazine, Bonnie Bayley May 2017 Edition for Clean Air Cures Page 120 

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