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Reiki Training 2nd Degree Course


Two Days

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Reiki Training with Sheena's Healing Hands, Accredited Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master &

Certified Reiki Assessment Clinic with Reiki Australia

The Reiki 2nd Degree course is over two days (approximately 14 hrs) and consists of: 

  • One Reiki Attunement.   

  • You will learn about history of the Reiki symbols and how to use four Sacred Symbols

  • and all training information carried out will be given to you in a course module.

  • You learn about Spiritual Protection using your Reiki Symbols.

  • You experience and learn how to carry out new Reiki treatments on yourself. (This works on healing you and your emotions/relationships, a must for all Reiki practitioners.)

  • You learn how to carry out two new Reiki treatments to use on another person.

  • You receive two Reiki treatments during your training from another person so you are aware of what new Reiki treatments feels like.

  • You will learn how to send distance Reiki healing using different technqiues.

  • Learn how to use you Reiki to clear your house of negative energies.

  • You will receive information and advice about how to set yourself up in business with your newly acquired skills and what is needed legally.

  • You will receive a certificate for you to display.

  • If you would like to receive a guided meditation to enhance your Reiki energy once attuned to Reiki, please provide a USB.

  • You receive ongoing support and the opportunity to attend the Reiki Shares, which are held at Sheena's Healing Hands, which is exclusive to all of Sheena's students. It is an opportunity to ask and share experiences you have on your Reiki journey.

  • Morning Tea is provided on both days of the training and BYO Lunch.

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