In a Reiki session, which will last approximately sixty minutes, Sheena will ask the recipient to lie down, fully clothed and relax. Then Sheena then will act as a channel for Reiki energy, theoretically allowing "Reiki energy" to be channeled through to wherever the client requires healing. Usually Sheena will move her hands close to or on various parts of the recipient's body. 

Some patients report feeling various subjective sensations: heat, tingling, cold, pressure, etc. All Practitioners of Reiki attribute these sensations to Reiki energy filling energetic deficiencies in the body and aura of the recipient, repairing and opening their energy channels (meridians or nadis), pulling out "negativity" and dissolving the blockages of "stale" energy.

There are countless individuals who have found Reiki to be one of the most enlightening experiences in the healthy life. Positive effects of treatment have been documented in papers published in several peer-reviewed alternative medical journals over the last few years.

The benefits have been reported with relaxation and increased immunity, reduced heart rate, improved blood pressure, plus reduced pain, anxiety and depression. [Miles P, True G. "Reiki: Review of a Biofield Therapy--History, Theory, Practice and Research," Altern Ther Health Med March/April 2003. (9)2 pp 62-72; Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide Miles,P. Tarcher/Penguin 2006].

Reiki Treatment- Initial Course of 3 x1hr sessions

  • Sheena's Healing Hands provided hands on Reiki Healing at Redland Bay QLD, Australia. The initial consultation session is approximately 75minutes, then two 60 minute sessions within in 10 to 14 days. Sheena uses her known from Reiki, Kinesiology and Aromatherapy and usually the treatments can consist of a blend of the these modalities dependent upon each individual. No two treatments are usually the same. To gain the best benefit from Reiki Healing, Sheena recommends that you attend at least three sessions initially to get the best benefit out of the Healing. If you go to the Dr with a long standing problem it is usually not cured after one consultation or one course of tablets and this is the same with Reiki, depending upon the background reason for the emotional or physical problem.

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