Sheena offers Reiki Training at all levels. She has completed different types of healing courses over the years. So these courses have been developed to give the Student who is venturing in Reiki the best possible start on their healing journey. Reiki attunements' can also help you develop your intuition (your gut instinct) and develop yourself spiritually and to connect with your higher self and spirit guides.

The student is given a training module to refresh themselves about the materials taught in the courses. Meditations are given for Spiritual Protection and to enhance their Reiki once attuned.

On going support is offered to all students who have been attuned by Sheena to discuss, refresh and carry out practical Reiki healing on each other by having Reiki Share Evenings. It is also an opportunity for the Students to meet others who are quote: "like minded and coming from the same space" as mentioned by one the students at the last Reiki evening. This can be reassuring as another student quoted "worried about having strings cut once course is finished" and was reassured that Sheena would continue to support them in their healing journey.

Sheena has attended many other courses which link to Reiki and Energy work and she has created a training manual with covers a wide variety of areas to give her students the best knowledge available to begin their reiki journey. On going support once courses is completed is in the form of Reiki Shares which is only for her students. Sheena is a Member of Reiki Australia and has maintained her professionalism in her business.

"I did my Reiki 2nd Degree through Sheena. I absolutely loved it. Sheena is a great teacher, she gives you so much information about the history of reiki and how she has helped others by using it. Sheena has helped me through my 2nd degree of reiki, now I can continue my path with reiki and help others with love, healing and joy! It was a also fun"

Reiki Training First Degree

  • The 1st Degree course is over two days (approximately 14 hrs) and consists of :-
    The 1st Degree consists of Four Reiki Attunements - two on each day
    You will learn about history of the foundations of Reiki with Dr Usui, and all training information carried out in the training will be given to you in a training module.
    You learn about Spiritual Protection.
    You learn about the Chakra and Chi flow and some basic information with regard to Aromatherapy and Kinesiology.
    You experience and learn how to carry out an aura cleanse on yourself and another person.
    You experience and learn how to carry out a Reiki treatment on yourself which is guided on your second day which is the start of your Reiki 21 day cleanse. (This works on healing you and your emotions/relationships, a must for all Reiki practitioners.)
    You learn how to carry out a Reiki treatment on another person.
    You recieve a Reiki treatment during your training from another person so you are aware of what Reiki feels like.
    You recieve a Reiki Candle at the end of the course
    You recieve a certificate for you to display.
    You recieve a guided meditiation CD to enhance your Reiki energy once attuned to Reiki.
    You will recieve a Reiki Music CD to help you carry out your Reiki Self treatments.
    You recieve ongoing support and the opportunity to attend the Reiki Shares which are held every month at Sheena's Healing Hands, which is exclusive to all students of Sheena and is an opportunity to ask and share experiences you have on your Reiki journey.
    Morning Tea is provided on both days of the training and BYO Lunch.

    Each Level of Reiki Training is carried out over two days and Sheena has adjusted training needs and works to times which suit the student. Please contact Sheena to arrange your training on dates which suit your needs.

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