Testimonial September 2013
"Thank you so so much Sheena for the reiki you sent to my grandson, daughter and son-in-law in NZ. I talked to my daughter this morning and she said grandson slept in his own bed last night (first time for ever) and son-in-law is still positive and much happier. She said she woke up at midnight, and they would have been getting reiki then.
They are much happier as a couple now and Baby is a more settled and not sick all the time. My daughter said to say thank you to you". From Wendy

Sheena has sent distance reiki healing to all parts of the world and the clients report feeling the positive effects to the physical and emotional state if they are ready to heal. Distant Reiki Healing can be given without the client being present, remembering it is a univeral life force energy. It works very well and Reiki knows no boundaries or barriers. As a suitably attuned Reiki Master practitioner Sheena can send the wonderful healing properties of Reiki to anyone or anything, anyway in the world at any time. It does not matter that I have never met the receiver or that I don’t even know what the receiver looks like and I have regular clients whom request distance healing who have contacted me via this website.

Sheena has sent Reiki to different countries, to friends and relatives who require healing with profound affects, helping to easy anxiety, stress, promote a sense of well being to the individuals receiving the universal energy's. Distance healing can be sent to a person, animal, event, and people who have passed away.

Distance Healing for 30 minutes - world wide

  • Sheena uses a technique which involves the use to symbols and writing down the details of the individual or event to be healed (like sending a letter to the person or event). So Sheena requires the name of the person and where they are at the time of the distance healing treatment and contact phone number if possible so she can text to confirm commencement and completion of the treatment.

    Sheena arranges a convenient time with the due the distance healing client, texting before and after the treatment so that the client can prepare themselves by relaxing in a chair or on a bed so that they can be comfortable for the healing to take place. The amount of time for the distance healing to take place is 30 minutes.

    It has been quoted by some who have received the healing that they felt at times "warm, secure, comforted and that they felt happier or more relaxed after the healing had be completed. Please check out the testimonials on this website from some of Sheena's clients who have shared their stories of distance healing experiences.

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