Aromatherapy Room Diffusers

These are handmade with a high quality diffuser oil which provides a superior scent throw for your diffuser. These can be made to order and I have a wide range of fragrances which will suit your personal preferences for fragrances to fill your home for months. They last for a long period of time and do not lose their scent like the cheap version for sale in most shops.

Aromatherapy Room Diffusers

  • Handmade gift boxed oil diffusers.

    Comes with gift box, clear square glass container, 140mls of quality diffuser oil made with your preferred fragrance and reeds.

    If you would like to individualise the label for a special occasion this option is available, please make enquiry on your order. This is has been created to make a gift very special for someone who is important in your life, whether it is a Birthday/Anniversary gift, personalised to make them feel very important is very special.

    Currently fragrances in stock
    Orange Cinnamon
    Dragons Blood
    Coconut and Lime
    Lavender & Vanilla
    and many more....

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