Hot Stone Massage/Crystal Massage  includes Facial, Back, Legs, and Arm (Gift Vouchers Available)

Hot Stone/Crystal Therapy combines the benefits of thermotherapy and hydrotherapy. The massage strokes help the body heal and relax on a deeper level then with other massage techniques. The temperature is very important to be regulated by the therapist so it cannot cause harm to the client. The Stone and Crystal therapy delivers a completely new and deeper dimension to aid your relaxation and healing during this special massage technique. Therefore requiring more preparation time prior to the massage then other massages techniques, you may have experienced before. Therefore, Hot Stone Massage in general is more expensive, but the benefits are amazing.

90 Minute Hot Stone/Crystal Massage

  • During a treatment, you will relax on the massage table, covered with towels whilst hot basalt stones are placed on specific areas of your body, and the crystals will be placed on your chakra or energy centres. You will be massaged with other hot Basalt stones and organic massage oil, on one part of your body at a time. Essential oils will be diffused in the treatment room to add another dimension to healing whilst you receive your massage. Your bodies’ chi energy flow (the Yin and Yang) will improve by balancing and strengthening with the use of the crystals and the heat and the “ grounding “ sensation of the stones on the chakras.

     This is the type of massage to choose if you need a deeply comforting and nurturing experience.  This can be done in an hour, but a 90 min treatment will allow for more time to let the relaxation process unfold and make you feel truly nurtured.

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