A holistic way to improving your health.

Sheena's Healing Hands believes in the body's inherent need and desire to heal itself.


In our modern-day society, many of us get caught up in our busy lifestyles and we find that we don’t always make the time for ourselves and we always prioritize other people and tasks before looking after yourself. We sometimes fail to recognize simple warning signs whether it’s emotional or physical, as our bodies try to keep up, eventually leading towards illness and disease.


Sheena's Healing Hands offers a holistic balance of therapies by bring Eastern Therapies into your life which compliments Western Medicine and the two can enhance each other to help your body heal itself. From Sheena's experience by being proactive in the management of health can help to prevent or reduce the effects of health problems currently or in the future. In most cases, we are simply treat symptoms as they occur in our daily lives, rather than the underlying cause. Sheena's Healing Hands offers to try and help release the emotions attached to the underlying causes and allow the body to heal itself by using intuitive healing with a combination of Reiki, Aromatherapy and Kinesiology and each treatment is unique to the individual client to suit their needs.


Natural therapies get to the root of illness, helping the body achieve its full potential, naturally. When you become a client of Sheena's Healing Hands, you can expect to join in a partnership and you share in the responsibility of improving your health. By naturally approaching the client’s emotional and physical needs together, the client can begin down the path toward a new, holistically based, happy, healthy lifestyle.


With the assistance of natural therapies, the Client's body can begin to balance itself, resulting in optimal health. Please refer to the testimonial pages on this website to find out how Sheena's Healing Hands could assist you with taking responsibility for your health and try out one of the a sessions in Reiki, Aromatherapy Massage, Kinesiology or any of the other treatments available. Sheena's Healing Hands specializes in helping you feel positive in moving forward with your life and offers training packages in Reiki. Sheena's Healing Hands is a certified clinic for Reiki Training students in the new qualification of Certificate IV in Reiki and a member of Reiki Australia.


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